Easy Change is a unique system that allows you to remove and reinsert any plank in any point of the ooring, without have to call in specialised personnel: all you need is a special key given to the end user. The Easy Change system completely does away with the need for the electric screwdrivers, spacers, screws, adhesive and clips traditionally required for tting. The special mounts used in the patented Easy Change system remove any risk of error during tting. They ensure a signi cant reduction in tting time and improve the overall stability of the nished oor. The Easy Change system is essentially comprised of a sub-structure with special butter y- shaped supports that rotate using a dedicated key, which forms the core of the patent. The shaped planks are housed between two “butter ies” which, with a simple turn of the key provided, rotate and lock the oor in place.


Time is money! The Easy Change system is designed to speed up the installation process by as much as ve times with respect to traditional systems. By increasing ease of installation it reduces tting costs and eliminates the possibility of errors!


The Easy Change system doesn’t require screws, adhesives or spacers. The result is a oor free from ugly screws and free from the many problems they cause both during the tting stage and in the years to follow. The Easy Change system remains stable through time and easily adapts to the natural “movement” of the wood so that once the job is complete, each plank is perfectly aligned with all the others. The Easy Change system simpli es the fitting operation and greatly reduces maintenance, especially for DURO planks.


The Easy Change system drastically reduces the need for both periodical and extraordinary maintenance. Easy Change revolutionises the decking and panelling sectors by eliminating stability problems both in wood and composite materials.


  • Very easy removal and reinsertion of individual planks at any point in the floor
  • Fitting times reduced by up to 50%
  • Increased strength
  • No conventional screws, adhesive or clips
  • No risk of errors during cutting


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